Silence S04
Electric car
Test drive

Electric car test drive – Book an appointment online now!

Please choose a date and time for your preferred date. The test drive starts in Regensdorf/ZH or in Bern.
Our pre-production Silence S04 has been shuttling back and forth between locations since March.

For questions just call us directly +41 43 931 00 45

What is the procedure for test driving an electric car?

What driving licence do I need for the Nanocar S04?

A valid category B1 or B driving licence or the corresponding learner’s licence

Which model of the S04 can I test?

The test vehicle is a pre-series of the Premium Model.

Can I test the S04 alone?

As this is a pre-series, the test drives will take place with an ETRIX team member.

How does the pre-production model differ from the production vehicle?

The pre-series model has European and Swiss vehicle registration.
However, improvements to components and systems will be made on an ongoing basis up to the production vehicle.

The following components and systems are still being revised:
– Chassis and shock absorbers
– Exterior mirror
– Gummies inside the vehicle and door handles
– Backsplash
– Cockpit and instruments

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