Electric scooter
Speed 45 – 110 km/h
Range up to 180 km

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ETRIX has stood for reliable electromobility for ten years. Electric scooters are our passion.

We have leading brands from a power class of 500W to 11kW power, respectively from 45 km/h to over 110 km/h speed.

ETRIX is the exclusive importer of the Silence and Ecooter brands.

The Silence S01 is TCS test winner

Warranty extension

Extend warranty period up to 4 years.

Warranty extension 4 years Etrix New 2

Silence S01/S02

Ecooters E1/E2/E2Max/E5

Ecooter M1/ET3/E3S

Caofen F80

Felo FW06

Electric scooters, e-scooters and co.

In many Asian cities, these electric two-wheelers have been shaping the cityscape for years and dominate the market compared to conventional gasoline scooters.

The vehicles are also suitable for the so-called last mile and the range of these electric two-wheelers is also growing steadily in Switzerland. Depending on the use, you can choose between a scooter, today mainly referred to as an e-scooter and an electric scooter. The scooter is suitable for short distances that you used to cover on foot. The electric scooter, on the other hand, has a much wider range of applications and it is whizzing more and more silently through large cities such as Zurich, Bern and Geneva and make it easier to commute from place to place of residence.

The environmentally friendly premium scooters are in no way inferior to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Simply cleaner, quieter and cooler.

Electric scooter questions and answers

Are there any subsidies for my electric scooter?

Yes, but it varies depending on the canton and even municipality. In the canton of Zurich, electric scooters are tax-exempt.
Where can I find subsidies?
At www.energiefranken.ch

How often do I need to take my scooter in for service and what are the costs?

The electric scooter has much fewer wearing parts compared to a scooter with an internal combustion engine and is therefore much cheaper to maintain. However, we still recommend that you have an initial check carried out at an authorized ETRIX partner after 1500km.

Subsequently, we recommend a service every 5000km or at least once a year.

If there is no partner in the vicinity, we offer a service at the customer’s site for a travel fee between CHF 95.- and CHF 245.- . For details service@etrix.ch

What are the advantages of electric scooters?

Silent, chargeable at any household socket, low maintenance and running costs, good acceleration and they are quite simply fun to drive.

E-scooters are beneficial for the environment: their electric motors are many times more efficient than combustion engines and produce no emissions locally. They release neither exhaust pollutants nor significant noise in the congested inner cities.

What license do I need for electric scooters?

Light motorcycles up to 20km/h:
from 16 years: no driver’s license required
For 14 – 16 years: the driver’s license category M is required.
Helmet obligation: none

Moto bikes up to 30km/h:
Driver’s license: Cat. M from 14 years
Helmet compulsory: Yes

Small motorcycles up to 45km/h
Driver’s license: from 15 years: Cat. A1
Helmet compulsory: Yes

Driver’s license: until 11 KW: Cat. A1 (from 16 years)
up to 25 KW: Cat. A limited
from 25 KW: Cat A
Helmet compulsory: Yes

What payment options do I have?

Direct bank transfer, credit card as well as Paypal, Leasing and TWINT

More information on current leasing offers at sales@etrix.ch

Can I rent an electric scooter?

Yes you can rent the scooters. In case you want to switch from a scooter with combustion engine it can help you to choose the right vehicle.

Please contact us regarding availability at sales@etrix.ch.
The rental prices are as follows:

Rental prices
1 day rental | CHF 60.-/day
2 > week | CHF 35.-/day
3 > month | CHF 20.-/day
4 > 3 months | CHF 15.-/day
5 Long term rentals | CHF 10.-/day

Our models (Speed 25 km/h – 110 km/h)
Silence S01/S02
Ecooter E5/ET3/E3/E2/E1/M1
Felo FW06
Caofen F80
other models on request

The vehicles are fully insured with CHF 500 deductible. Prices are incl. Service and maintenance
A rental deposit of CHF 500.- must be paid when picking up the vehicle. The rent is due in advance and the prices include VAT.

Silence S01
Electric scooter TCS/ADAC test winner

The Silence S01 scooter is the perfect companion or as a smart second vehicle for the whole family (drivable from 16 years), for daily trips to work or leisure. The Silence S01 e-scooter, with its sleek, sporty design, looks great and is easy to ride, plus it saves on parking, is low-maintenance and runs silently with zero emissions.

Silence S01 was the electric scooter test winner two years in a row in the big TCS test as well as in the ADAC test.

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