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We are ETRIX, a Swiss company based in Regensdorf, and we fulfill the dream of sustainable mobility for private and corporate customers.

To this end, we develop modern mobility solutions. We specialize in importing and distributing high quality products in the field of two or three wheel electric vehicles.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure this through professional competence, quality and excellent service.

In addition, we are specialists in two-wheeled electromobility in the areas of vehicle construction and battery assembly, sharing and fleet management.


Foundation ETRIX

Foundation of ETRIX AG with the aim of helping the vision of electromobility to achieve a breakthrough in Switzerland. ETRIX is a fancy name and is composed of lat.: triplex / short form: trix (German: dreifach) and combines under one roof electrical engineering, electromobility and energy efficiency.


We research and develop

As engineers, we built the first vehicles ourselves from scratch and developed our battery know-how, which is still valid today. We are still researching and developing in the field of lithium ion batteries with our second company Dencell.

2012 – 2014

First electric scooter in CH &
SMARTCharge® System

In 2012, our first scooters were put into circulation. By 2014 , ETRIX had developed the revolutionary SMARTCharge® system. This system, unrivaled at the time, was based on the separation of vehicle and battery pack at the charging station. Up to 24 high-performance batteries could be charged simultaneously. It significantly shortened downtimes and enabled a range of 300km for the first time. This made the electric scooter enormously attractive for delivery services.


Two-wheel electric fleet

In 2015, we put Switzerland’s largest two-wheeled electric fleet into operation and at the same time increased the quality of our batteries through automated manufacturing processes. Since there was no suitable solution on the market, ETRIX invested in its own battery production with welding robot.


Sharing Economy

With the rise of the sharing economy, ETRIX was able to launch Switzerland’s very first electric scooter sharing fleet in 2018 in collaboration with Mobility in a free floating system.


New electric scooter brands and e-bikes

In 2019, ETRIX will add other leading electric scooter brands and e-bikes to its range and further expand its dealer network throughout Switzerland.


TCS test winner

Exclusively distributed by ETRIX, the Spanish electric scooter model Silence S01 wins the TCS electric scooter test in 2020 , sealing a new era for electric motorcycles in terms of power and performance. The unique and exclusive mobile Power Battery trolley turns the battery into a multifunctional power bank for home, work, camping or on a boat.


Showroom and Formula 1

In 2021 , we opened the showroom in Regensdorf, which offers space for all our models. The Sauber Formula 1 Team with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi are on the road with our scooters.


New Brands

In 2022 , more models will be added, Felo and Caofen are not only nimble on the roads, but can also be used for off-road.


Bern, Nanocar and E-Cross

In 2023 , we opened another shop in Bern. The first Nanocar from Silence is here! The ETRIX E-Cross Team takes part in various EMOTO SAM races with Caofen.


We are expanding

In 2024 , ETRIX needs more space, moves into the adjoining building and now has 2000m2 of space. At the beginning of the year, we took over the company bemoto and with it the brands Zero and RGNT. Three apprentices will start their apprenticeship as motorcycle mechanics and commercial employees in the summer.

Etrix Team 2024

Our inspiration

The five company founders formed the fantasy name ETRIX, which is based on the three pillars of electrical engineering, electromobility and energy efficiency and combined with Latin: triplex / short form: trix (German: dreifach) became the crisp company name.

about our products



Within a very short time, Covid-19 has created a whole new reality. We are all feeling the enormous impact of the pandemic.

Far-reaching crises can trigger lasting changes – also in mobility behavior.

In the 1970s, the oil shock led to a push for public transport and people were encouraged to switch to buses, trains and streetcars.

When transportation planners or futurologists talk about the mobility of tomorrow, they present visionary images.

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