Warranty 2 years – or more!

All our electric scooters come with a two-year warranty as standard. And this applies to the entire vehicle including the battery.

But that’s not good enough for us: We offer optional warranty extensions for all newly purchased Ecooter and Silence electric scooters.

For an additional charge, the warranty period is extended up to four years (with a deductible of 150.– per warranty claim in the 3. and 4. years).

Warranty conditions

The warranty covers all repair costs due to damage caused by manufacturing or assembly errors of parts, as well as the replacement of damaged parts with original parts and the necessary labor for disassembly and assembly. The period of warranty extension for the vehicle is 12 or 24 months. Warranty service is provided by ETRIX official Swiss distributors.


  • Vehicles that have not fully complied with the maintenance schedule specified in the Owner’s Manual during the first 24 months and the subsequent 12 / 24 months, performed by an ETRIX contractor.
  • Vehicles whose data has been altered or vehicles that have been impounded or destroyed in whole or in part for any reason, including accident, theft, fire.
  • Vehicles that have been modified in any way and vehicles that have been/are used in competitions and/or contests.
  • Damage caused by the use of non-original parts and accessories.
  • Damage caused by modifications not approved by ETRIX (electronics, motor, chassis, battery pack).
  • Damage caused by weathering (natural discoloration of surfaces, painted parts, chrome surfaces, loose adhesives and other wear and tear).
  • Damage caused by improper storage or improper transport.
  • Damage caused by an accident or external event.
  • Consumables and components subject to wear or deterioration, i.e. brake pads and discs, seals, tires, lamps, saddle, hoses and other rubber parts, drive belt and chain, etc. (It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, but serves only as an example).
  • Damage caused by defects, short circuit, overheating, collision, theft or alteration.
  • Additional costs: communication, transportation, meals, and other costs due to the loss of the vehicle, compensation for loss of time, loss of business, or rental vehicle costs to replace the vehicle during the repair period.


In the event of a claim under the additional warranty, ETRIX reserves the right to inspect the vehicle and present the damage to an expert.

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