New Silence S01plus Electric Scooter Etrix

The new S01+
Speed 110km/h
Range 127 km
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Many years experience with electric scooter & e-mobility

Trust, reliability and environmental friendliness are our strengths.

Electric scooter test winner Silence S01

At ETRIX you will find the top electric scooters on the market

The Silence S01 has been the test winner on the market for two years in a row.

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We have the solution for your delivery service, from sushi to pizza with e-bike and/or scooter.

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Silence Electric Scooter S01 ETRIX

The e-scooter market leader in Europe

Silence from Spain

Silence is the market leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe. The e-scooters are produced in the production facility in Barcelona according to European quality standards.

The Silence’s self-developed battery system is a hit: simple, ingenious and patented. The battery can be taken along like a rolling suitcase and charged at any conventional power outlet

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ETRIX Delivery Solutions Electric Scooter Electric Car

ETRIX Delivery Solutions

Etrix, the leading Swiss provider of holistic delivery solutions with electric scooters and e-bikes, as well as light vehicles for the last mile.

With ten years of experience, we know which is the perfect solution for your company to deliver successfully.

In addition to fleet management of vehicles, we offer various solutions for heating/cooling boxes, mobile ovens, cooling systems as well as delivery boxes for products on the last mile.

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