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Delivery roller Silence S02 Delivery

The Silence Delivery S02 is by far the most widely used delivery scooter in the Swiss food delivery segment.

Thanks to the battery heating, the Silence 02 can be charged outdoors during 365 days a year. Even minus temperatures do not endanger the battery life and guarantee full range.

The performance and range of the vehicles are designed to meet customer needs in such a way that battery replacement during the day is not necessary. Accessories such as oven or cooler can also be operated simultaneously.

The delivery roller can be equipped with various heat, thermal and transport boxes.

To have even more success in the market, you can add custom branding to your delivery fleet.

Delivery roller Silence S02 Delivery with box
Silence S02 Heat, Thermal and Transport Boxes

Heat, thermal and transport boxes

On the S02 can be mounted different boxes, completely tailored to your delivery. From sushi to pizza, from cold to hot, we have everything you need.
Heating or cooling devices and other accessories are charged directly from the vehicle battery.

Silence S02 Delivery Electric Charging Stations


Charging stations

To increase the range of the vehicles, the battery can be replaced easily and quickly. The trolley system supports uncomplicated changing of the battery.

In addition, fast charging stations can guarantee professional battery management.

Silence S02 Delivery with CBS brake system


CBS braking system

No electric scooter brakes as sophisticatedly as the Silence S02. With the combined CBS braking system, both wheels are braked on the left, while only the front wheel is braked on the right.

The regenerative brake activated in this way supports the braking process, charges the battery and protects the mechanical brakes.

Silence S02 reverse gear


Reverse gear

The integrated reverse gear on the electric scooter guarantees high maneuverability.

It’s that simple: Press the green button on the left of the handlebars once and the S02 rolls backwards.

The reverse gear is primarily very practical when parking and turning.

Silence S02 Delivery


Silence S02 L1eSilence S02 L3e
Speed max. 45 km/h 90 km/h
Range150 km 100 km
Driving modesEco, CityEco, City, Sport
Driving licenceA1A1
Price from mth.
Incl. VAT
CHF 125.-CHF 125.-
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