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Experience the future of mobility with ETRIX! Rent electric vehicles such as electric scooters, electric motorcycles and electric cars from leading manufacturers such as Silence, Zero, Ecooter, Caofen and Felo. ETRIX offers you an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and comfortable way to get around. Discover the wide range of high-quality electric vehicles and enjoy a sustainable journey.

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More warranty period

Warranty conditions

All of our electric scooters come standard with a two-year warranty that covers the entire vehicle, including the battery.

But we go one step further: For newly purchased Ecooter and Silence electric scooters, we offer optional warranty extensions so that you can be on the road for even longer without worries.

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Service and maintenance

Electric motors require less maintenance than combustion engines. An e-motor consists of many fewer parts and has less wear and tear. If something does happen, we offer service and spare parts throughout Switzerland. Service partners and our mobile service teams ensure smooth mobility.
We support our fleet customers with customized maintenance contracts.

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