Payment information and prices

You have the following payment options:

  • Prepayment with payment slip
  • Prepayment via e-banking (without payment slip)
  • PayPal
  • Visas
  • MasterCard

Prices and terms of payment
For the prices, ETRIX AG refers to the last valid price list. We reserve the right to make any price changes in the meantime
Until full payment of the agreed purchase price, including any default interest and costs, the subject matter of the contract with all components and accessories remains the property of ETRIX AG. The purchaser expressly authorises ETRIX AG to enter the retention of title in accordance with Art. 715 ZGB in the responsible retention of title register. During the duration of the retention of title, the customer may neither sell, pledge nor lend the object of the contract. In the event of any seizure, retention, arrest or attachment, etc. of the subject matter of the contract, the customer shall draw attention to ETRIX AG’s retention of title and notify ETRIX AG immediately of any such restrictions on disposal. The contracting partner undertakes to notify ETRIX AG of a change of domicile or residence at least 14 days in advance for the duration of the existence of a retention of title.
8.2. The contractually agreed compensation (purchase price, work wage, order fee, etc.) is based on the conditions valid at the time the contract is concluded. In the event that a change in the conditions of third parties occurs before the delivery of the subject matter of the contract
(increase of list prices, raw material prices and the like), which also apply to the subject matter of the contract, ETRIX AG reserves the right to adjust the agreed compensation. ETRIX AG also reserves the right to make price adjustments due to changes of a constructive or other nature.
which are due to new legal regulations or regulatory requirements.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the agreed compensation is purely net (without packaging,
Shipping costs, early disposal fee and the like) as well as without discount or other discount. All ancillary costs are additionally owed. The price is to be paid by the customer to the exclusion of any counterclaims as well as objections of retention or set-off in accordance with the payment date communicated contractually or with the invoice. Down and advance payments are not subject to interest.
8.3. The customer’s default in payment shall occur upon expiry of the agreed payment period or the payment period stated on the invoice without a reminder. In the event of default in payment, the contractual partner shall charge default interest in the amount of 10% of the invoice value as well as a respective processing fee of Fr. 50.– to be paid. In the event of default of payment or delay on the part of the customer in the fulfilment of his contractual obligations or other contractual obligations, ETRIX AG shall be entitled to the statutory legal assistance in accordance with Art. 97 et seq. CO. The customer must have any delay credited as fault. If the customer is already in default with the fulfilment of his contractual obligations before the handover of the subject matter of the contract, he is obliged in the event of ETRIX AG’s withdrawal from the contract to pay compensation of 20% of the agreed compensation without ETRIX AG having to provide proof of damage.
(Contractual penalty). ETRIX AG is entitled to demand a higher compensation from the contractual partner if it can prove a higher damage. In any case, ETRIX AG reserves the right to perform the contract in addition to the compensation payments.
demand. In the event of withdrawal from the contract by ETRIX AG after handover of the subject matter of the contract, any right of use and use of the customer shall be granted immediately. In this case, he is obliged to keep the subject matter of the contract ready immediately.
All expenses and expenses incurred in connection with the repatriation incl. any repair costs for damage and the like shall be borne by the customer. The customer is not entitled to any right of retention.

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