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Tips & tricks for more safety with e-scooters in autumn/winter

Safely through the cool seasons with the e-scooter

Whether you use your electric scooter for pleasure or as a regular, indispensable means of transport, you do not have to do without it at any time of the year. So that you can continue to enjoy the full driving pleasure in the cooler season and get along well on the roads even in wet and slippery conditions, we have put together some tips for you.

Test your own driving skills

Even the most experienced drivers sometimes make mistakes. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your own abilities before venturing out on rainy or snowy roads with an electric scooter. We recommend that you first test how your electric vehicle reacts in traffic in good weather. Get to know yourself and your scooter in different situations and adapt your riding technique to the weather conditions.

It is particularly important to keep a cool head in any situation and avoid abrupt acceleration, braking or steering as much as possible. If, despite all caution, you are forced to brake your e-scooter sharply, do so gradually to avoid slipping. Remember that the braking distance is significantly longer in the wet. Therefore, you should reduce your speed in the rain, giving yourself time and space to assess hazards on the road ahead and react correctly.

Get to know your electric scooter

Take advantage of good weather conditions to get used to your e-scooter. Rain, snow, ice or wet leaves on the road are dangerous conditions for testing the limits of your vehicle. It is especially important to get a good feel for the maximum speed, steering and braking response of your scooter. You also need to know the range of your battery so that you don’t suddenly find yourself without power in freezing temperatures.

And if you do prefer to leave your scooter at home during the cold months, you should ideally store your battery in a dry place at a temperature of around 10 degrees.

What to do when …

Seen too late, a water-filled pothole can be quite a challenge for your electric scooter. The important thing is to stay calm, keep your speed constant, drive the scooter straight and don’t hit the brakes. This way you will also overcome this obstacle.

Glossy or smooth surfaces such as painted lines, metal plates, covers or tar snakes are a challenge even in dry conditions. If you get stuck on such a surface, you should not brake or accelerate abruptly, but simply roll over it.

Car wheels can act like a plough on wet roads, pushing the water aside for a brief moment. It is then especially important for you and your scooter to use the tyre track of the vehicle in front of you.

Tyres for the cold season

Admittedly, all-season tyres are practical, but not equally suitable for every season. It pays to invest in a pair of high-quality winter tyres for the cool season. They offer better traction in wet and slippery conditions, are more durable than normal tyres and less susceptible to damage from winter debris.

Visible equipment is mandatory

Your clothes should be dry, waterproof and easily visible when you are on the road with your electric scooter. This is because the early onset of darkness and more frequent precipitation in autumn and winter considerably reduce the visibility of road users. So make yourself visible with a high-visibility waistcoat, a bright orange or yellow visor and other reflective accessories.

Protect yourself and everything that is important to you

Before you set off with your Ecooter or Silence electric scooter in the colder months of the year, it is advisable to carry out a winter check to check the lights, brakes and tyres. We will be happy to do this for you in the ETRIX workshop in Regensdorf. So that you can get through autumn and winter safely and comfortably.

And for optimum protection of your laptop and other valuables, your scooter has plenty of storage space under the seat for safe, dry transport. By the way, the best way to protect yourself from the cold or hard road salt spray is with a thermal blanket.

We wish you a good ride and lots of fun in all weather conditions.


Waterproof clothing, winter gloves and a warm helmet can make your trip very comfortable even in the coldest months of the year.

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