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What is the procedure for test driving an electric scooter?

Free electric scooter test drive: It’s that easy

Our power partners have many electric scooter models ready for you to test drive. If you are closer to a partner and would like to test with them, we recommend contacting them and checking availability. Here you can find the overview of our partners & power partners

What do I need to take with me for the test drive?

Actually, just a valid ID. Helmet and evt. other clothing you can borrow if you do not have your own.
For a test drive for the category “small motorcycle” (L1e up to 45km/h) you need at least the category “A1 (45km/h)”.
For all other e-scooters, you need at least “A1” or a learner’s permit.
If you are only in possession of a car driver’s license, you would have to order a learner’s license first in order to be able to drive.

How much can I save with an electric scooter if I do without a car?

The electric scooter has much fewer wearing parts compared to a scooter with an internal combustion engine and is therefore much cheaper to maintain. However, we still recommend that you have an initial check carried out at an authorized ETRIX partner after 1500km.

Subsequently, we recommend a service every 5000km or at least once a year.

If there is no partner in the vicinity, we offer a service at the customer’s site for a travel fee between CHF 95.- and CHF 245.- . For details service@etrix.ch

Which electric scooter is suitable for me?

The electric scooter is the perfect commuter vehicle for city and country.
If you are looking for something for short distances in urban areas with only 50 zones and you are only in possession of the A1 (45km/h), a no scooter like the E1S or E2 City with 3kW power can be enough for you.

But if you’re looking for something for inner-city use, and you’ll occasionally be found on 60s and 80s routes, we recommend at least an e-scooter with the power of 4kW. Such as the E1S, E2Sport and the E2Max.
In case you often travel overland, have to overcome slopes and also cover longer distances or simply love the silent acceleration, we recommend a power of 6kW and more.

Why is the power specified in kW and not HP?

HP comes from horsepower and is an old performance designation which has been used for a long time for motor vehicles. More and more today, however, the power is specified in kW, especially for electric 2-wheelers. Not least because legislation no longer specifies power limitations in horsepower but in kW. Eg the category which 125cc which you can drive with the A1 driving license is limited to 11kW for electric scooters. The conversion is rough: 1kW corresponds to 1.36HP.

What license do I need for electric scooters?

Light motorcycles up to 20km/h:
from 16 years: no driver’s license required
For 14 – 16 years: the driver’s license category M is required.
Helmet obligation: none

Moto bikes up to 30km/h:
Driver’s license: Cat. M from 14 years
Helmet compulsory: Yes

Small motorcycles up to 45km/h
Driver’s license: from 15 years: Cat. A1
Helmet compulsory: Yes

Driver’s license: until 11 KW: Cat. A1 (from 16 years)
up to 25 KW: Cat. A limited
from 25 KW: Cat A
Helmet compulsory: Yes

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