Microcar S04 test drive Bern Zurich

Kirsten’s long-distance test with the S04
Test drive from Bern to Zurich

On the journey with the microcar you definitely attract attention, you have to be able to endure that

With the brand new Silence S04 from Bern to Zurich. Is that possible? And how far can you get with 100 percent charge? Kirsten wants to know exactly, dares to take the test drive and is thrilled.
She grabs the Silence S04 from the new ETIX branch on the Bern Expo site and drives the super-compact nanocar on intercity roads from Bern-Wankdorf to Regensdorf near Zurich.

Kirsten’s test setting

It starts with a starting charge of 99 and 94 percent as well as an additional battery for emergencies in the luggage. The Nanocar has different driving modes, such as City, Eco and Sport mode. Kirsten has set herself the goal of completing the entire ride in city mode. It is only at the red light that she is gripped by ambition. There she uses the sports fashion to get away quickly. In addition, it wants to drive up to a battery level of 5 percent before using the emergency battery.

Highlights of the trip

The small S04 is a real eye-catcher, Kirsten notes. A one-hour break is all it takes to recharge the battery to 19 percent and arrive safely in Regensdorf with two 6 percent charges.
Driving the microcar is so much fun that Kirsten doesn’t even find time to listen to music as originally planned.

Conclusion of the test pilot

The vehicle is simply ingenious, says Kirsten. This allows you to cope with everyday life. Shopping and also the commute to work are possible without any problems. At 85 km/h, the Nanocar keeps up perfectly over land and is no obstacle for other road users. The S04 delivers what it promises and takes you 115 kilometers in city mode. And it can do much more in eco-mode, Kirsten is convinced.

You can see in detail how Kirsten experienced her journey here “YouTube link“.

And if you’re curious now, stop by ETRIX in Regensdorf or on the Bern Expo site and take a test drive.

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