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CHF 295.00 incl. tax

Electrically heated Warm Bag,extremely durable, robust and tear-resistant .

exkl. 12V transformer cable.



Two fixed heating elements reliably heat your pizza bag via the 12V connection of your delivery vehicle. So your food stays hot and fresh even after long trips! 12V solenoid transformer cable must be purchased separately.

The following features distinguish this bag:

  • Number of integrated heating elements: 2
  • Outer material: PVC
  • Purpose: Pizza
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: for 8-12 pizzas (depending on the height of the pizza box (3-5cm))
  • Heating power: 50 watt
  • Inner material: nylon
  • Internal dimensions: 41x41x36 cm
  • Integrated heating: Yes
  • Includes: Pizza Bag
  • Pizza boxes size: 35 cm
  • Position of heating elements: left + right
  • Backpack function: No
  • Connector: Magnet
  • Closure type: velcro and zipper
  • Water resistance: water repellent
  • Bag opening: Top


Active heating
Our revolutionary magnetic connector is unique in the world on a pizza delivery bag. Your drivers will benefit from easy handling and you will benefit from a more efficient operation of your delivery service.

Magnetic closure
Load and unload your pizza bag one-handed and in record time. The magnetic closure makes it possible. Fast, elegant and completely without wear.

Excellent insulation without sweating
Premium foam and thoughtful product design provide even air circulation inside the bag. The hot air in the pocket can absorb any moisture that arises excellently. Through built-in eyelets, this is transported outside. So your food stays warm without sweating.

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