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DS (2014 - 2023)DSR (2016 - 2023)FXFXEFXSS (2014 - 2023)SR (2014 - 2021)

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The 96-volt fast charger can be used either to fast charge motorcycles or to charge Zero motorcycles built in 2013-2023.

Motorcycle Fast Charging
A fast charger provides an additional charging power of 1 kW. In conjunction with your motorcycle’s integrated charging system, the amount of energy that flows into the battery during charging is roughly doubled. This reduces the loading time by about 50%. To charge even faster, several fast chargers can be purchased and used in conjunction with a fast charger Y-adapter to further reduce the charging time.

Off-board power supply charging
The fast charger can be used to charge battery modules when they are removed from the motorcycle. In particular, the ZF3.3 or ZF3.6 Power Pack Modules used with the Zero FX, Zero FXS, and Zero XU motorcycles require the charging adapter for the Power Pack Module Charging Adapter when charging the Power Packs outside the vehicle.

The North American fast charger and fast chargers (96 volts) for the UK and Hong Kong include a cable that is approved for use in the respective countries.

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Kompatibilität der Produkte

DS (2014 – 2023)| DSR (2016 – 2023)| FX| FXE| FXS| S (2014 – 2023)| SR (2014 – 2021)

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