Heater Box 56L – Silence S02

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100% Environmentally Friendly Delivery Experience!

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100% Environmentally Friendly Delivery Experience!

Speed and mobility are the highlights of this oven!

Recommended for deliverys in cities with high traffic.

The technology of the furnace includes digitally controlled high-temperature silicon heating elements, double chamber technology and air flow systems. The oven ensures that any type of food stays warm and with the right level of moisture and crispness, regardless of the type of cuisine the company delivers.

The delivery oven is completely electric and can be installed on the Silence S02, and is powered by the 60V ion lithium battery.

  • Volume: 56 liters
  • Power supply: via battery
  • Preheating: by battery charger
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Operating temperatures: heatable up to 120°C (adjustable)
  • External dimensions: 523 x 479 x 465 mm
  • Capacity: 8-9 pizzas 30 × 30 cm or 6-7 pizzas 40 × 40 cm
  • Materials used: stainless steel + EPP
  • Digital control: Yes

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