Cooling battery

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Very good cooling performance with powerful eutectic cooling gel.


Very good cooling performance with powerful eutectic cooling gel.

  • Dimensions 470 x 265 x 25 mm
  • Robust professional quality with carrying handle
  • Uniform, dimensionally stable freezing
  • Dishwasher safe up to +85°C

All our cooling batteries are filled with powerful, eutectic cooling gel  (no water!). There are no wobbling noises and no leakage of liquid. They are easy to clean and   dishwasher safe up to 85°C.

The eutectic cooling gel is glycol-free. The batteries meet all criteria required for use in connection with food.

Due to a complete filling without cavity, they freeze evenly and can be placed in the freezer in any position, whether vertically or horizontally. When frozen, they keep their shape perfectly. Unlike liquid fillings, which expand when they freeze, gel filling allows us to do without the traditional, troublesome air pockets that negatively affect cooling performance. The cooling capacity with gel filling is particularly efficient.

Our cooling batteries are characterized by robust professional quality, with handy carrying handle for sizes from GN 1/3. Freezing or storage is also possible as a space-saving stack for all models with spacer studs.

There is a choice of cold packs in three different temperature levels that you can match to your refrigerated goods as needed:

-3 °C FRESH  (for vegetables, cheese, milk, cake)
-12 °C COLD  (for meat, fish)
-21 °C FROZEN  (for TKK, ice cream)

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