Joel between the Ecooter E2 & Ecooter E2 Max

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New partner of badminton professional Joel König

ETRIX accompanies people in their active lifestyle and arranges for sports and lifestyle.

Joel and ETRIX

ETRIX is the new mobility partner of Swiss badminton pro Joel König. The team’s main objective is to leave its mark and celebrate success. Through top-level sports, Joel learned to show weaknesses and emotions, celebrate victories, take defeats, communicate and present himself. “I feel very comfortable in the sports world. But sports careers are difficult to predict. Right now, I’m fully focused on sports and university. I only work as much for the university as my sport allows.”

The Silence S01 has been his companion since the spring, which he rides daily to commute from his front door to the training site. Joel is pleased with the all-electric, C02-neutral and quiet driving experience .

Joel King Silence S01 Electric Scooter Etrix

ETRIX distributes high-quality Ecooter and Silence electric scooters throughout Switzerland. Mobility of the future, which drive quietly, quickly, almost maintenance-free and above all: electrically and emission-free. The ideal vehicles for urban and rural transport.

Silence S01 with battery electric scooter

Silence Roller in the ETRIX Shop

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