Marketing intern Erwan talks at ETRIX Elektroroller

Marketing intern Erwan tells

My name is Erwan, I am 23 years old and I am currently in the first year of my Master’s degree at a business school in Rennes (France). Um mein Jahr zu validieren, hatte ich die Möglichkeit, ein Praktikum in einem Unternehmen zu machen. I had the chance to do this in a Swiss company, the market leader for electric scooters in Switzerland, Etrix AG.

Here is a brief review of my experience at the company and in the marketing department.

My main missions:

I was responsible for the analysis of the electric scooter market in 2020, the development of the website and the commercial and marketing tools in French.

Improving the content of the website was a big part of my work during my 9-week internship. It is a careful and important work for any company that wants to develop. Especially in Switzerland, because it is a country with four different languages.

What did the internship bring me?

The most important thing I learned during my 9-week internship was the importance of well-being at work. For me, well-being at work has become essential to execute quality missions and improve team productivity. The comfort and design of the open space play a crucial role.

In addition, thanks to the regular and constructive feedback from George and Kirsten, I was able to develop my skills independently and continuously improve. This guide has helped me over the weeks to learn and understand the importance of marketing within the company. Without a good strategy and market analysis, it is impossible to sell a product, even if it is the best on the market.

What is Etrix AG like?

The atmosphere at Etrix AG was particularly enriching. The premises are spacious and directly connected with the workshop and showroom. There aren’t many employees, but that’s how you get to know everyone and make connections quickly. The atmosphere is very “entrepreneurial” and yet relaxed. I had the opportunity to work with senior managers and be well integrated. This work environment allows interns to make a proposal and feel truly involved in projects.

My advice to students to find a good internship:

We are fortunate to live in a society where digital technology is an integral part of our lives: many opportunities arise from the Internet. But let’s not forget that the best way to get an internship is through your network.

Besides, it is important to know how to sell yourself and how to highlight what makes you different from others. A word of advice: never play a role, always be yourself!

One last word in conclusion:

I have gained many good experiences for my future that were unique (with the Covid situation and new country). I leave Switzerland with a more and more mature English and full of new skills in marketing and development. A big thank you to everyone for these 2 wonderful months we have been able to spend together, it has been a real pleasure!

Erwan De Vreese

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