Marco Andre Da Silva: An all-rounder on TikTok who is conquering the streets with the Silence S01.

In the exciting world of social media, there are always rising stars who attract the public’s attention through their versatility and talent. One of these notable personalities is Marco Andre Da Silva. With his impressive dancing skills, modeling career, and presence on TikTok, Marco has captured the hearts of many people. But that’s not all – since appearing in a product video for Silence S01, he’s also a proud rider of an electric Silence S01 scooter, which he uses to make the roads unsafe.

At a time when sustainable mobility is becoming increasingly important, Marco is a role model for many of his fans. His use for the Silence S01 electric scooter shows that eco-friendly mobility is not only good for the environment, but can also be stylish and exciting.

We are excited to see how Marco Andre Da Silva will continue to grow his career and how he will combine his passion for dance, modeling and eco-friendly mobility. One thing is for sure: Marco has what it takes to conquer many more hearts and inspire many people.

Marcoandredasilva Silence S01 Electric Scooter Zurich
Marco Andre Da Silva in Fischers Fritz leans on the Silence S01 scooter.

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