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Moto Lehmann appreciates very much to be able to offer the field of electric mobility with ETRIX as a competent partner.

The professional representation for ETRIX electric scooters in Riedtwil/BE.

The electric scooter is today’s perfect commuter vehicle. Whether as a supplement to the car to ensure better progress during rush hour, to save costs or simply because it is fun. Moto Lehmann AG is an official representation of ETRIX E-Motos in Riedtwil/BE. As ETRIX Power Partner we carry all models of Silence and Ecooter and are there for you when it comes to service.

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Moto Lehmann AG
Eymattstrasse 2
3475 Riedtwil/BE

Tel: +41 62 968 12 73

Opening hours

Monday08:00-12:00, 13:30-17:45

Tuesday07:30-12:00, 13:30-17:45

Wednesday07:30-12:00, 13:30-17:45

Thursday07:30-12:00, 13:30-17:45

Friday07:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30



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  • T. Very good advice. Nice uncomplicated service. Service of motorcycles are done tip top. Highly recommended.
  • John Doe Super service and great offers.
    John Doe
  • Marco Wisler Very very friendly!!! Top address in the midlands!
    Marco Wisler
  • Damiano Wyss Very good service, negotiates very openly
    Damiano Wyss
  • Buri Heinz Pure expertise
    Buri Heinz
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