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TCS Test 2022

“Kassensturz” proves: electric scooters are more efficient.

In a large-scale TCS test, two comparable vehicles with electric and combustion engines were compared. The TCS experts tested range, fuel consumption, noise, acceleration, braking distance and driving characteristics.


Electric scooter Silence S01 White

Electric scooters are more efficient

Despite higher emissions during production, electric scooters are better for the climate because they emit less CO2. Gasoline engines pollute the environment more while driving.

This is possible thanks to the improved efficiency of electric motorcycles. This is shown by converting the power consumption into the so-called gasoline equivalent: The powerful Zero DS consumes the equivalent of about 3.3 times less energy when driving than the Yamaha MT125, which is extremely economical for a combustion engine. The Vespa consumes 2.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The electric counterpart needs the equivalent of only half a liter

Best selling scooters

Best Selling Scooter TCS Winner

Vespa (gasoline 125) VS Silence S01 (electric)

Electric Vs Petrol Scooter Test Etrix

Combustion engine more expensive in the long run

For this reason, and due to better cost efficiency, most pizza couriers or the post office have long since switched to electric. Since January, young people from the age of 16 are allowed to drive category A1 – for internal combustion engines A1 is limited to the power of 125 cm3 and for electric motorcycles to 11kW, with the difference that the peak power for the electros is a multiple of this 11kW. For example, the TCS test shows that the Etrix Silence S01 (category “best-selling scooters”) accelerates the fastest of all scooters!

Conclusion of the two scooters

Silence S01

The Silence S01 shines with a sporty chassis and direct, precise steering. The Silence accelerates the fastest of all scooters, from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3.9. The heavy battery (40 kg, 5.6kWh) is easy to transport thanks to the simple trolley function. Integrated my Silence app with many online functions .Under the seat you will find a large storage compartment that can even accommodate two jet helmets. In terms of environmental balance, the electric scooters perform significantly better.

Vespa Primavera

A handy scooter with a lot of riding comfort for urban use. With a consumption of 2.3 lt/100km, you can get far with the Vespa. The chassis is rather soft, especially with a pillion passenger the Vespa quickly becomes unstable. The deceleration values with the mono ABS are good, but a full ABS braking system would be desirable. The seating comfort leaves something to be desired: the bench is smooth and rounded towards the back.

Silence S01 with battery electric scooter

Silence Roller in the ETRIX Shop

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