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Ecooter M1
Electric scooter
SPeed 25 km/h

Ecooter M1

The new 25cc electric scooter from Ecooter is here! This scooter can be ridden from the age of 14 with a moped test or from the age of 16 without a driver’s license and offers an environmentally friendly, cool alternative to the conventional moped. The scooter may be legally driven on bicycle lanes and cycle paths and is therefore equivalent to a bicycle. Wearing a helmet is recommended, but not yet required by law.

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High Definition LED

Large and easy to read display indicator

The colorful and high-resolution display shows the speed, scooter status and mileage in clear colors and details.

The M1 has a remote control that allows you to conveniently control the alarm system and operate the scooter without a key.

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Key data ECOOTER M1

Speed 25 km/h
Range60 km
Power 500 W
Weight incl. Accumulator59 kg
Driving licence14 years old
(with moped card)
Without a driver’s license16 years
Size1710 x 740 x 1080 mm
Incl. VAT
CHF 2850.–
Available in the shop Zurich and Bern as well as our dealers

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