Electric scooter Vs. VW e-up car

Electric scooter vs. car:
With whom quickly and inexpensively through the city?

Driving in the city is not all sunshine. It’s very convenient, but construction sites, detours, parking and traffic jams at all times of the day cost us not only nerves, but also time and money. An interesting alternative is the e-scooter. Significantly cheaper to run, it gets us from A to B faster, more relaxed, almost noiselessly and with absolutely no emissions. A comparison is worthwhile.

After all, vehicles cost money even after they are purchased. Over the entire service life, there are still a number of operating costs, such as regular maintenance work, insurance, road toll and MFK, parking and drive costs.

We did the math for you based on various usage models and tested the popular VW Up against one of the best electric scooters (according to a comparison by ADAC and TCS) Link to TCS comparison on the market:

Cost factors

Customer A
Mr. Müller drives a VW Up the whole year 10`000 Km Price car: 25’000 CHF

Customer B
Mrs. Meier drives a Silence S01 e-scooter all year round 10`000 Km Price scooter: 8’000 CHF

Customer C
Mr. Braun drives a VW E-Up (electric car) all year round 10`000 km

Customer D
Silence S01 E-Scooter 6’000 Km and the remaining months by public transport (4 months)
Price scooter: 8’000 CHF

Customer ACustomer BCustomer CCustomer D
VehicleVW UpSilence S01VW E-UpSilence S01
TYPEGasolineElectric scooterElectric carElectric scooter
10`000 Km10`000 Km10`000 Km6`000 Km
25’000 CHF 8’000 CHF 25’000 CHF 8’000 CHF
Road tax
(guide value)
100 CHF 50 CHF 100 CHF 50 CHF
(fully comprehensive)
750 CHF 350 CHF 750 CHF 350 CHF
Maintenance &
Winter tires
750 CHF 200 CHF 750 CHF 150 CHF
Drive costs
(gasoline or electricity)
1’300 CHF 130 CHF 300 CHF 80 CHF
Parking lot 1’000 CHF   –1’000 CHF   –
Public transport subscription        600 CHF
Depreciation 3’000 CHF 1’000 CHF 3’500 CHF 750 CHF
Total costs p.a. 6’900 CHF 1’730 CHF 6’400 CHF 1’980 CHF
Table comparison car vs electric scooter

Costs in comparison with the car: The electric scooter leads

The cheapest way to travel is to use an electric scooter throughout the year, but the combination with public transport is also quite attractive.

So anyone who prefers to let the fresh breeze blow around their nose at least in the warmer months rather than stand in a traffic jam and accepts getting wet from time to time in return will benefit from significantly lower costs. What woman or man could do with the savings is left to your imagination.

Electric scooters: Smart city runabouts with many advantages

Electric scooters are clearly ahead of cars, especially in urban traffic. But even in rural areas, they are the perfect companions for a quick visit to friends in the neighboring town. After all, they are not only inexpensive to maintain, but also extremely operator and environmentally friendly. You can charge your electric scooter conveniently at any household socket, and your environment will thank you when you glide to your destination almost silently and emission-free.

See for yourself and arrange your test drive with one of our electric scooters!

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