New Silence S04 delivery car

New Silence S04
as delivery car
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Silence S04 Delivery

With dimensions of 2.28×1.29×1.59 (LxWxH), the Nanocar is unbeatable when it comes to space requirements in front of your store or at the customer.

Acquisition costs, operating costs and comfort, all combined in the Silence S04 Delivery, the new nanocar from Silence.

Silence S04 Delivery
Silence S04 generous storage space cargo space

Flexible space miracle

Small but OHO! Even though the Silence S04 is small, it has a generous storage space

The storage space of the Nanocar offers 300 liters as a 2 seater version. If you do without the passenger seat, the cargo space is increased up to 1000L.

Heating or cooling devices for food delivery, as well as other accessories are powered directly from the vehicle battery.

Silence S04 Delivery Charging Stations


Charging stations

If the standard range is insufficient for your needs, fast charging stations can be installed to shorten the charging time to 3h.

With additional batteries you have an unlimited range for your application.

Silence S04 Interior Cockpit



The interior offers everything a driver needs to be happy
1. digital display
2. multifunction steering wheel
3. smartphone holder
4. heating and air conditioning
5. audio system with Bluetooth
6. power windows
7. comfortable seat

Silence S04 easy to park

The answer to space problems

Really nano

Problems because of too small parking spaces or too narrow underground garages, etc. you will no longer have with the S04.

Thanks to the masses of
2.28×1.29×1.59 (LxWxH) you will always find a place.

Crosswise or lengthwise, basically one third of a parking space is taken up.

Silence Delivery 45/90 km/h

Comparison Silence S04 45/90 km/h

Silence S04 LSSilence S04 HS
Speed max. 45 km/h 90 km/h
Range149 km *149 km *
Weight425 kg450 kg
Driving licenseA1B1
Incl. VAT
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