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Camper & electric scooter – an unbeatable team for individualists

Let’s go on an adventure, with the motorhome and an electric scooter in your luggage

The camping season has begun. Your motorhome is ready to go. You design your holidays informally, individually and flexibly. You stop when and where you like it and therefore want to remain flexible even in narrow villages and big cities. Then the electric scooter is the perfect complement to your camper. With it you can enjoy your holiday dreams even more relaxed and flexible.

Explore romantic villages and roll silently through narrow, winding streets. Or you can whiz nimble over the busy streets of Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Stockholm! Electric scooters are available in speeds to suit every need. From a leisurely 25km/h to a practical 45km/h to 110km/h.

Doing the shopping, visiting markets, excursions into the city or inland will also be a walk in the park with the motorhome. Most e-scooters have a large storage compartment under the seat and all can be retrofitted with a rack for top cases, boxes or the like.

Camper Electric Scooter Silence S01 Transport

The right solution for every camper

Electric scooters are available in different sizes and suitable for every camper model. Whether you set off with the smaller 3.5-ton motorhome or are already at home in the larger classes. Your scooter is safely stowed away in the camper garage or on the luggage rack in no time and ready for use. Most models weigh between 80kg and 150kg, and with one big advantage: If you want to optimize the weight distribution in your motorhome, you can remove the batteries in a few simple steps.

Electric scooters move you everywhere

An electric scooter not only takes you safely and comfortably to your destination, but can also be easily charged at any household socket. Don’t forget the plug adapter and extension cord, then nothing stands in the way of recharging on the garden terrace of the Osteria.

All-electric drives are also emission-free. You’ll especially appreciate this if you have direct access from the camper garage to the living area.

Camper Electric Scooter Silene S02 Transport

Driving fun included

Above all, e-scooters stand for one thing: driving pleasure! With different driving modes, you can adapt the driving behavior to your surroundings. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re cruising towards your destination in a relaxed, sporty or environmentally friendly way. At any time you can enjoy the wind in your face, you will definitely always find a parking space and you will even charge the battery when braking. That’s how holidays should be.

And another little bonus tip: On most Elektroller you can also ride well in pairs…

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